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How to affiliate


1.Scroll down to the footer of our site,click the link of affiliate

2,In this page just click continue to fill out your personal information,then click continue button after finish it.

3.If you have register the affiliate successfully, an email will be sent to your register email address.

4.You can find your affiliate program in the left side of your account panel.You can edit your information as well as your tracking id.

5.Edit your tracking id,you can change the track id to the easily recognized

6.This step is very important,just copy the tracking code and paste it to behind ?tracking= in the tracking link area,after finish it,you can copy this link to your own site or your youtube video description.If customer purchase any product on our site comes from your tracking link. 5% commission will be automatically calculated in your affiliate account.

7. You can apply to withdraw commission after reach $500.Please send email to service@mychicwigs.com indicate the title"apply commission".Please mention your affiliate account name in email for our reference