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Loyalty Point Policy

In order to provide a better and more friendly shopping experience, Mychic Wigs has just renewed our loyalty point policy below:

1. What is loyalty point? 

Loyalty point equals to store credit. It can be applied as cash at Mychicwigs.com and be combined with any discount that is active on the website.

100 Points=1 USD.

2. How to obtain loyalty points ? 

A. Every dollar spent at Mychicwigs.com will generate One point. For example, If your order payment is $99.89, you will obtain 99 loyalty points for this order. 

B.You can also get loyalty points by posting your product review. A valid, positive product review in forms of photo plus at least 50 words comment will add 1,000 loyalty points; 500 points for photo reviews , and 200 points for those with comments only .  

C. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, in 10 days, as long as the product is still in its original conditions, we offer loyalty points Refund in full amount.(Customers are responsible for shipping cost.) 

3. How to apply loyalty points ? 

Loyalty points can be easily applied as the model picture below:

4, All of the loyalty points will be cleaned up by PST 11:59pm December 31st of each year , please pay attention to the expiration date and apply all your loyalty points in time . 

5. Orders purchased with full loyalty points are deemed as exchange, and are not eligible for monetary refund .15% of loyalty points will be deducted if the order has to be returned! 

6. Orders purchased with partly loyalty points and partly credit/debit card apply to different returning policy. The part paid with credit/debit card will be refunded as per the Return Policy, while the part paid with loyalty points will be refunded in loyalty points with a 15% deduction. 

7. First time exchange will be free. For second time and third time, orders will be charged extra 15% and 30% restocking fee, three times limit. (deliver fee is not included) 

We reserve the right to decline your fourth exchange request and process your refund deducting the restocking fee.