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About Us

Brand Story


A lot of customers constantly asks me,"Monica,Could you let me know why did you name your brand as Mychicwigs?".

Good question,isn't it?

This question reminds me a lot when it was 10 Years ago,My best friend,Tierra, bought her first human hair wig.I still remember how she looks pretty when she put on her wig.She came to my house wearing her wig.Yup,I was almost not recognize her.Honestly,The wig looks good and feels soft at first,however,1 month later,it started to shed and tangle.

Then you guys can guess how Tierra was angry about this wig supplier,she could not stop complaining about it,tried many times to contact with seller to return her money.Nothing works.

I started my career all because of Tierra,I feel upset when I saw her sadness,she saved her money wanting get a perfect with makes her life happy,but in contrast what she got just hurt her.

Then I started to search the keyword"good quality wigs""best quality wig online store" etc.on google,There were few online stores selling wigs back 10 years ago,I found this is good chance to serve these people who demands high quality but affordable wigs.This is the initial intention I started my business.

I got to know many many black cute gals looking for the good quality and affordable wigs in their daily life.This is the ultimate destination of Mychicwigs.

Why Choose Mychicwigs?

1.Best quality.We have quality control for each wig,We can guarantee that everyone will be satisfied with our wig.

2.Warehouse Stocking make sure your order will be shipped out in 2 days.

3.24/7 customer service.Any question will be replied in 1 minute.

Just keep the following words in your mind:

Wigs is not just wigs,it is some sort of attitude to your life


Yours Monica

Founder of Mychicwigs